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Log homes

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Log homes

Log homes

Apart from being an aesthetically pleasing material, wood is a carbon neutral renewable resource, and it has the best thermal insulation properties of any mainstream construction material, so interior rooms keep cooler in summer and stay warm in winter - soft beauty combined with hard technological practicality.

In production of our log homes, we employ automated, state-of-the-art machinery, achieving accuracy with tolerance of 0.1mm, and eliminating a need for test-assembly, so we reduce both time and costs for our customers to receive beautiful log buildings at a competitive cost.

Our focus is mutual satisfaction for both customer and manufacturer.

Eco House International use only the highest quality materials in log home production:

  • Dried 18 to 20% timber of barky (not stripped) wood
  • Length and depth-glued timber which provides geometrical stability and a completely solid structure; this avoids cracks which are a problem for those who only use traditional technology.
Standart corner joint
Double corner joint
Tyrolean corner joint